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Spinning and Crafting

I was very pleased yesterday to purchase some beautiful fibre. I haven't had a chance to pick up my spindle since the class I took at Make 1 Yarns last month. This was partly because I haven't had much time, but also because I didn't have any fibre to spin. I looked around here, and didn't really come up with anything, until a friend reminded me that Mud River Angoras is here, and carries wonderful fibre! The funny thing is that I had met the owner back when I first learned to knit last fall. I learned at a Morning Out for Moms group at a local church, and Loralee was in the same group as I. At the time, though, she had her rabbits, and talked about spinning, but hadn't yet opened her business. Our mutual friend is becoming a wonderful spinner herself, so she knew just how to hook me up! Loralee was so excellent to deal with! She was knowledgeable, friendly and helpful, and offered to give me some time on her own spinning wheel. Since I am fortunate enough to live near her, she even made a housecall, with several different types and colours of fibre! If products like this are of interest to you, do take a moment to check her out. My other reason for wanting some fibre was to do this craft with the kids. I think it will make a great little gift for teachers, grandparents and such, and it gives the big kids a chance to get their hands dirty, and touch my stuff! What's not to like? The light blue ball on the right is Merino, destined for our little felting project. (The ball on the left is English wool, and is my practice yarn for spinning.) In the knitting department, I'm almost done the Cable and Lace scarf! I'm rounding the bend on ball #3, and hope to have pre-blocking photos for you all tomorrow. Poor Brian's socks are still in the ribbing phase, but he's content as long as he sees me pick them up at least once a day. I am on the hunt for a pattern for fingerless gloves. I have some beautiful yarn to make myself a scarf/glove set for this winter. I'm planning on using the My So Called Scarf pattern, and have tried several different glove patterns to no avail. The yarn (Grignasco Jazz Print) is quite thick - I think it's similar to Manos del Uruguay, and is a very pretty brown/green/pink mix. I've just come across several patterns online that call for heavier yarn, so I'll be doing some reading and comparing. Hopefully I'll have some new gloves for you all to check out soon. And thanks for the comments on the sweater. Sometimes finding just the right pattern for yarn you already have can be tough. No decisions have been made yet, I'm still ruminating.