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New Look

I am so pleased with the new look of my blog! One of the bloggers I have come to know, Cogknition, is also a super duper computer whiz! She has offered several different blog templates on her own blog, and when I saw this one, I knew it was just right for me. (There is also a really beautiful one with the most lovely knitting needles on it, but the maple leaves won me over. I'm just too Canadian, I can't help it!) I fully intended to post a Saturday Sky photo today, but it is rainy and gloomy out, and I can't imagine that any of you want to see that. I have a great plan for a photo, too, so once it clears up, perhaps I can take it and have it all ready for next Saturday. My little notebook that I write down what I'm doing for each knitting pattern has gone missing. I'm sure it will turn up shortly - Stuart cleaned up last night when I was at work, and I can not for the life of me see what he's done with it. I'm at a total loss, since I can't see past the lack of notebook to knit on any of those projects. I've had to start a whole new project this morning, and so am working on the hat for my step-father for Christmas. I'm only a few rows in, and hope I can get back to the Pirate Sweater quickly. Also, I think I am developing a small addiction to sock making. I must confess, I didn't really see the great appeal until recently, and since I've completed Gwen's baby socks, I can't seem to stop! It just feels wrong to not have a sock on the needles.