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Whining and Whingeing

I am feeling very frustrated and sorry for myself today, and I'm sick to death of my own bad attitude. I am tired of having no kitchen, tired of washing dishes in the bathroom sink, having non-baby-friendly tools, supplies and equipment all over my house. Of having a so lived in living room, of the refrigerator living in my dining room, and worst of all, having no stove to boil water for a cup of tea. I feel spoiled and selfish even complaining about all this. The summer of 1991 I spent in the Ukraine, in a little town called Shevchenko, just outside of Odessa. My sheltered little North American self was shocked, horrified and deeply touched to see the way people live in other parts of the world, and that lesson has never left me. I have so very much to be grateful for, not the least, right now, a wonderful husband who renovates our older house in his "spare time", and makes us beautiful tiled floors in the process. Yes, it's worth it, of course it is. So why am I so grumpy about it today? I don't know. I'm a very scheduled, planner kind of person (it's not an accident that I'm training to become an accountant!) and it stresses and disturbs me when everything in my ordered home goes out of whack. Perhaps I need to put the kiddies down for a nap, ignore the dishes and knit for a bit. I am blocking the ISE scarf as we speak. It is so long! Much longer than I envisioned, and I hope the recipient is pleased with it. I was going to have Katie model it for us - I hope it's not too long even for her! It is pretty, I think, and very soft, but in my mind is more of a practical, wind around your neck on a cold, wet morning kind of scarf. Let's hope she's pleased. Yesterday I did some running around with a friend, and found the most amazing tea! It is from a company called Tea Forte, and is really lovely tea, with the most amazing packaging! I would post a picture, but my camera is in the kitchen, locked away by drying tiles. But do click on the link if you're interested, the tea is packaged in these little "Silken Tea Infusers", pyramids of fabric to hold the loose tea, and there is a very clever little leaf on a wire to bend around the handle of your teacup, or the top of your teapot. I had a taste in the shop, and it is so clean tasting! You know how some teas leave a funny aftertaste? Not this one! I was pleasantly surprised, and had to buy a box. Since they are individually wrapped, I plan to include a few in my swap packages coming up, the International Scarf Exchange, and the Spinning Roving Swap. Speaking of swaps, I was contacted by my secret swap "sender" for the Sockret Swap, and I am embarrassed at how joyful I was to hear from her! She, apparently, is a very experienced sock knitter, and I am so thrilled at the idea of someone so expert making me a pair of socks. What a treat! I am still waiting to read my own "sendee"'s questionnaire, but am already planning my first little swap package. Oh, this is so much fun! As for the knitting - I am focusing on Brian's little socks, as well as his Pirate Sweater, still. And I was visiting my nephew this morning, and have now added another project to my list, although it may not be for Christmas. He's just turned 4, and is completely obsessed with flags. This has been going on for the past few years, and so I have given him flag books, flag stickers, and he has a collections of flags from around the world. He was telling me today that his favourite flag is South Africa, and so I want to knit him a hooded cardigan, with an intarsia flag accross the back. I'll have to do some pattern hunting for a basic pattern - does anyone have any suggestions? I was thinking perhaps the ChildHood, from Knitty, done solid except for the picture on the back. I have been working quite a bit again, and am missing my evening knitting time, but tonight I have off. I am looking forward to tonight - we've rented The Lake House, and I can't wait to sit and knit and watch a movie!