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Pirate Progress

I finished up the sleeves for Brian's sweater last night, which brings me to the moment I have been studiously avoiding. The intarsia skull. I have knit intarsia before, and didn't really think it was the big scary deal I've heard it made out to be. However, I've been putting off this intarsia skull for quite a while. The front of the sweater is started, I'm at the very first row of the chart. I can do it, I know I can! I could pretend that my hesitance comes from not wanting Brian to get a peek at it. So far, all he knows is that I'm knitting a present for Someone, but that could be anyone, really. It could be Gwen, or my nephew, or any other Nameless Person that I knit for and don't tell him about. He's been looking longingly at it, but he doesn't know yet. So what shall we call this? Halfway? I think halfway is fair - the back and sleeves are finished and waiting in the basket, the front is started. I still need to pick up and knit the neck, and then seam the whole darn thing up. I'm confident that I will have this finished and tucked away by the end of October, leaving two months for the wrap up of my other gift knitting. In fact, I think I need to do a progress report on the Gift List. Watch for it next week! It's Thanksgiving weekend up here in Canada! This means, of course, that I am working all weekend; we've been rescued, though, by some friends who have invited us to share their roast beast. Stuart and the kiddies are going to head over there at some point during the afternoon, and I will stagger in to a wonderful meal and (hopefully) a nice glass of wine to finish up my day. I drove by a church on the drive to school this morning, and the sign said, "Count your blessings - one by one and slowly". I think this is a wonderful reminder - with all the complaining and whining I've been doing of late, this is a lovely time to remember all my blessings. And say "Thank You".