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October Socks

Here are the socks I made for Brian! I wanted to post about them earlier, but once they were done, Brian wore them for a few days in a row, and then they really, really needed a trip through the laundry. I turned the cuff down for the photo, because I thought it looked nicer, but Brian pulls them all the way up when he wears them. I didn't really follow a pattern for these, just cast on 48 stitches, and knit the cuff in 1x1 rib. I used the same short row heel as I have before, and then decreased 4 stitches every other round when I got to the two. I believe the yarn is Bernat Sox, although Brian fished it out of my stash, and the ball band was missing. It is so very gratifying to make something for someone who so obviously appreciates it! I am quite sure that I'm getting more out of this than I will out of the giant wool aran sweater Stuart is gunning for. Progress is being made on the scarf - I'm onto the second ball of yarn, and it's looking really nice. The fabric is a bit uneven, though. It's flared a bit at the cast on edge, and narrows and widens along the length. It stretches back and forth easily, though, so I'm hoping that blocking will bring it to uniformity. I am in love with the stitch pattern with this yarn, though! It looks exactly as I was hoping it would, and we all know how seldom that can happen!