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Hooray, a Saturday Sky!

I have been feeling very poorly about my lack of Saturday Skies the last few weeks, and was determined to get one taken today. And look! Blue skies, yellow leaves, just the start of naked branches. How lovely. And brrrr, it is so, so, so cold this morning. It's already past 9:00am, and it's sitting nicely at 0 degrees C. Yikes. In honour of our cold weather, I started myself a scarf yesterday. This, naturally, has absolutely nothing to do with my delaying the intarsia pirate sweater at all. At all. Nor do the very sweet Feather and Fan baby socks I'm working on for Gwen. I'm using some Grignasco Jazz, which is the same yarn I used for my ISE scarf. I actually bought mine first, it's been tucked away in my up-and-coming knitting projects basket, waiting for it to be cold enough to motivate me. Following the My So Called Scarf pattern, I'm almost halfway into the first ball. I really like the stitch pattern! It's so fancy and impressive looking, even though there's not much fancy or impressive about it. I had a hard time wrapping my brain around the stitch pattern, but once I gave it a try, it went swimmingly. I'll post a photo once I get a bit more length happening.