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In A Fog

This is what mornings have been like up here the last few days, and it's how I've been feeling, too. Not in a bad way, I've always found fog beautiful and mysterious. There's something magical (although, yes, dangerous) about not being able to see what's up ahead. I was driving the kids to school yesterday, and got to thinking that this was somewhat like life. We can only see a bit of the way in front of us, and sometimes, what we think is one thing materializes as something else as we move closer. We have to focus on what's here and now, but still give a little thought to what's up ahead. I've always been the super-planner-of-the-world, so it's hard for me, at times, to really focus on the present. And as much as I hate it at the time, I've learned to be thankful for the fog. Here she is, My So Called Scarf, along with the plain old fingerless gloves I knit up. For the gloves, I just knit a rectangle until I felt it was the right size, and seamed it up, leaving a hole for my thumb. I made these first, and had I known how much I would love this stitch pattern (it is so easy, and I impressed my whole little knitting group with it!), I would have waited, and tried to make them to match. You never know, I may even frog them and re-knit. I do so like to match. Scarf Particulars: Yarn: Grignasco Jazz Print, 100% Merino Wool, 3 and a bit balls Needles: US size 15 Dimensions: I worked this over 24 stitches, and the scarf came out at 5" wide, and about 70" long. Started and Finished: I can't remember exactly how long it took, but I'm thinking it was about a week.