Knitting in the North

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Here is my belated Saturday Sky, which I actually took on Saturday, but didn't have a chance to post. It involved lying on my back under the pear tree in my front garden, to the great mystification of my neighbors, who were all doing productive things, like raking. With Christmas only a matter of weeks away, I am reviewing my Gift List to see where I am at, and where I need to focus. In the finished department, we have: 1) The Birthday Poncho. Received, worn, and I hope, loved. 2) Flap Top Mittens. Also received, worn, and they fit, too! 3) Cable and Lace Scarf. This is tucked away for the in-law's Christmas parcel. 4) One of the two Hat/Scarf sets. My Mum's is completed, and also tucked away ready to go. On the needles: 1) The Pirate Sweater. You all know the story here. I am still waiting to start the intarsia. I'll do it. Really I will. 2) The other of the Hat/Scarf sets. Actually, just the hat, but still. It's in progress. Waiting in the wings: 1) Katie's plush, sleeveless, hooded pullover. (Would she appreciate it anyway? She's in a major tom-boy groove right now, and I seem completely incapable of choosing anything for her, even underwear and pajamas, that will meet with her approval. Do I want to spend hours and hours knitting something for her she may not even like?) 2) Gwen's knitted dolly. (Does she even want another dolly? What possible joy could she get from a knitted dolly that she doesn't already feel?) 3) The possible bear for my step-mother. (A nice idea, but really. I saw a perfectly nice Swarovski crystal bear at Wal-Mart the other night. And she really likes Coronation St. Isn't there a Coronation St. book out there?) Obviously, rationalization is setting in. Will the intrepid knitter press on? Will she move on to greener and much more exciting pastures? Stay tuned.