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You know what I heard today, right? "Mom, will you make me some gloves, too?" Sigh. Bring it on. I finished the Snake, I can whip up some gloves, too! Actually, it's even easier than it sounds, since Brian wants fingerless gloves, not actual gloves or mittens. He's very specific in regards to this matter, and I have learned that these are the times to let him be the decision maker. But look at that funky blue snake wound around my baby's neck. That little face is worth all the sweaty hands in the world. Jo asked the other day to share how blogging has changed us. I was all ready to rip off a pat answer, but was interrupted. This is, I think, a good thing, since I've been ruminating on that question ever since. I've been blogging for about six months; how drastically things can change! 1)I have learned a whole new vocabulary. Blogging, webrings, KALs, swaps, fibre festivals, STR, Chibi and more. All things I had no knowledge of until I entered this world. I take it for granted, now, until I talk to a friend who is new to it all. Then I see what a rapid change has taken place. 2)My thought processes have shifted. I have always been a rather deep thinker, but tend to keep those thoughts to myself. Thus, I have not felt the need to clearly define them. In the past, I would float along, a feeling here, an abstract idea there. Now, I find myself composing in my head as I see new things, or have new experiences. I feel the need to flesh out an idea, to put it into terms that someone else will grasp.“How will I share this,” I think to myself, instead of “How do I feel about this?” A subtle difference, perhaps, but a significant one. 3)This feeling of community has deeply rooted in me, and I am content in this place. How satisfying it is to turn a heel in a new way, or knit my first cable, and know that someone out there will understand my excitement, will “feel my high”. How compelling it is to read of another's triumphs, of another's disasters. How touching to see the charitable hearts of those in our clan, when I am so disheartened by the lack of care I see in my day to day life. 4)I have become educated in the world of fibre. Not to tout myself as an expert, by any means. Still, I had no idea of the beauty of natural fibres, had never heard of a “yarn snob”, didn't really know the difference between wool and acrylic. (I mean, I knew the difference, but I didn't comprehend the intrinsic value of the fibre itself.) 5)I have learned about and am willing to attempt new projects. No matter what it is that I want to know, someone out there has the answer, and is willing to share it with me. I have become braver, and more creative because of this. 6)I carry my camera with me everywhere. I will admit that I am generally lax in the photo department. I have always had great respect for the people I see with well documented everythings. Children's events, holidays, special moments galore reside in their photo albums, scrapbooks and computers. I can travel halfway across the country to visit family, and on the very last day I will say, “Quick, let's take some pictures!” My Mum visited a few Christmas' ago. I don't have a single picture of her here. Now, the batteries are charged, the camera is packed, and I whip it out at every possible photographic opportunity. All thanks to blogging.