Knitting in the North

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First of all, let me thank all of you for your prayers, good thoughts, comments and emails. I am so thankful for your support. It's always frightening when someone you love is ill, and it's so much worse when they are far away. My mother-in-law, Mary, had knee replacement surgery about a month ago, and seemed to go downhill quickly after that. She has lost over 30lbs, and when speaking to her, you can just tell she's not herself. It was thought that there was something going on with her thyroid, and admitted her to the tiny hospital on St. Joseph Island (where they live) on Sunday, for observation and to get some nourishment into her. She was transferred to Sault Ste. Marie hospital, and placed in intensive care there Monday morning. After further testing, it looks like she has some type of staph infection, and they are treating her. Last night, we were told she seems a bit perkier, but I haven't had an update today. We're hopeful that all will be well. Please, if you have been praying, continue to do so. Yesterday was also my wedding anniversary, and Stuart gave me the most lovely gift – a ball winder and wooden swift! It's wonderful, and I'm having all kinds of fun getting the kids to help me wind up my skeins and skeins of wool. It's a great tool to have anyway, but right now it's serving as a wonderful distraction as well, and that's so helpful. Yay, Stuart! I had to work last night, but we're planning a special date night in a few weeks. Our local symphony is performing Handel's Messiah, and we've got tickets. I'm very excited – my Mum, years ago, sang in the Hallelujah Chorus, and I can't wait to be able to sit, uninterrupted, and enjoy the whole shebang. Tonight, I have the extreme honour of teaching a co-worker to knit (or at least attempting to do so). We met during orientation a few months ago, and she's been fascinated by my knitting. She is determined to knit slippers, so I've printed off a couple of basic patterns, and we're going to meet tonight to have a go at this. If she's not too camera shy, I'll see if I can snap some pictures. Wish me luck!