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One Sock, Two Sock

Here are Gwen's little socks: they are made from some leftover Regia colour #5048, using this pattern. It was fast and easy, and the stripes are like a rainbow, which pleases me immensely. (I still sort my Smarties and eat them in order of the colours of the rainbow.) A while back, a friend brought a neighbor lady and the neighbor lady's mother (maybe in-law, I can't remember) to our knitting group. The Mother(In-Law?) was a big sock knitter, and very happy to see me knitting away on those other baby socks I made for Gwen. She was here only for a family visit, but before she returned home, she gave me this: It was very exciting for me, and I have all kinds of plans for these bits of sock yarn. Each colour is enough to make a pair of regular socks for Gwenyth, or short socks for Brian, or something else, like an amulet bag or an Ipod cozy. Very cool, and amazing to me what we can do with "scraps". I love economy and frugality, and it makes me very happy to put to use something someone else had no use for. At the complete other end of the scale, now that I'm finished these babies, I'm legal to start my Socks of Doom socks with the Lorna's Laces Swirl. I'm making these, even though it is almost Christmas and I still have Christmas knitting to do, and for myself, even though I should be doing something for someone else at this time of year, and feel a bit guilty. I'm going to push past the guilty feelings, though, because the yarn is just so darn nice, and the socks are going to be squishy.