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Happy Samhain!*

I missed out on the great pumpkin carving this year, since I was at work. Stuart got the kids on it yesterday after school, although I'm pretty sure he did the cutting. I came home to this friendly fellow glowing on my table, and roasted pumpkin seeds to snack on. It's quite cold today, and I'm thinking we'll skip the door to door trick or treating (except for perhaps a few neighbors), and just attend an event held at a local church. Warmer and safer. You know me so well, you must know what's coming next, right? A new swap! I was pleased to find this one, since it's set up to send your packages in January, and I had told myself no more swaps this year. So, I'm still legal, right? If you've heard of the KSKS, this is similar: The Knit Mitt Kit Swap! I'm a bit intimidate by the idea of making a bag for my pal, but it sounds like a fun challenge, and I'm loving these swaps! I have a really hard time making things for myself, and this deals with that nicely! I can focus on someone else, and get to feel extra special that someone is focusing on me. If it sounds fun to you, signups are open until Friday. *Note: Thanks to Jo, I am referring to Halloween as Samhain, if I've used the term incorrectly, I'm sorry! :0)