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I'm a Calendar Girl, Too!

So I was doing my regular blog crawl, and visited here to learn about this. Being such a joiner these days, I dropped everything to take a couple of photos of my calendars here. Part of what pleased me so much about this "contest" is that as a child, the first thing my mum, sister & I would do when we received a calendar, date book, daily devotional, whatever, was look up our birthdays to see what it had for us. Hearing about this brought me such a happy memory, I thought I would play along. Plus, I am constantly fascinated by the way things spread around in this online world, and thought I'd better do my part. So there you are, two calendars, and you can see the theme in my house. We're big ocean people around here, and since we can't see it, hear it, or smell it where we live, we surround ourselves with all kinds of paraphernalia whenever we have the chance. OKC: I'm making progress on the Socks of Doom, and have found a lovely pattern for Katie's fingerless gloves. I'm going to use a pattern from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, since there's a spiral rib pattern in there, and the hat I'm making also has a spiral rib. How cute is that? I went through some drama, imagining that the hat will be too small, but put it on a string and sat it on Kate's head, and am now hoping for the best. I suppose it's not a great investment of time anyway, if I do need to rip it back. Still, time spent is time spent, and I do hate waste. And what's that you say? Pirate Sweater? What Pirate Sweater? I have no idea what you're talking about.