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Chibi Happy

Look what came in the mail today! I must say, being part of the Sockret Pal exchange is a lot of fun, and while there are many knitters out there who are sure they have the best pal, I am so pleased and grateful for mine. She has been wonderful about keeping in touch, thoughtful about the socks she is making me (Moss, I haven't forgotten about the measurements, they are coming, really, they are), and now this wonderful parcel has arrived! She sent the most lovely, soft yarn, some delicious truffles (which I'm hiding in my room for emergency purposes), and some great little novelties. Terribly cute sock-shaped needle point protectors (how cute is that?), and some lighthouse buttons (they're already being competed for by my family). Some luscious smelling Goat's Milk soap, all packed into a snazzy little bag, just perfect for carrying around with me, so I stop trailing yarn when I run back and forth to the truck. I hate carrying a purse, and this bag is just right for both my knitting in progress, and my wallet. But yes, you see it don't you, the most exciting part of the whole thing? I admit it, I really am this geeky, and it really is this easy to please me, but look! Look! Look! A little green Chibi! To make the Chibi-goodness even more lovely, I recently moved my knitting gadgets into the orange zippered bag Craftylilly sent me, and I had nothing to put my needles in. Moss, your timing couldn't have been more perfect. Thank you so much, I really appreciate your time and thoughtfulness. And, I still don't know your secret identity – I had Katie open up the package for me, and then very quickly take the box to the bin, before my self-control gave out. Otherwise, you know I would have looked. Note: Alisha is having a fun contest, which closes on Saturday, November 5th. If you like guessing games, check it out!