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The Order of the Stash

Being a natural organizer, putting my stash into some order, and keeping it that way, should be a piece of cake. Sadly, this is not the case. The other day, while I was a work, Stuart got sick of my piles of yarn all over the living room, and “helped me”. He ran up to Home Depot, bought a couple of totes, and packed the whole mess up. (Feel free to shudder now. It was pretty awful.) Now I'm sitting facing all that I love thrown unceremoniously into boxes, and whenever I need something, like my Denise needles, I have to rummage around until I find it, or am willing to do without. Obviously, something needs to be done. This past summer, I got very organized, and inventoried my yarn, listing it in weight categories. I haven't kept up with it, though, and am not sure if it could be salvaged, now. A clean slate is always best, anyway, in my world. So, what to do? Stop buying yarn, for one thing! I know saying this out loud is tempting fate, so I'm not going to make it an absolute statement, but I really am going to try not to buy any more yarn for the next while. I have a fair bit of stash as it is, and so many projects waiting in the wings it's ridiculous. Next, hide all the boxes and totes for the meantime. We're STILL working on the common area in our house (kitchen/dining room/living room), and until that's all done and the carpets have been cleaned, there's no point dragging out another mess, is there? Here's my plan: sort all the stash (ALL of it, every last skein and ball) by weight, make some kind of listing of it all, and then store in an easily accessible place. This place must not be in the basement, but must be out of Stuart's way, to avoid any further “help”, like storing my stash in the shed, or dropping it all off at the local swap shed. What do you all do? This is not a new question, by far, Kristy asked it herself not long ago. Can you see any big holes in my plan? Am I deluding myself? Is it an excellent idea, and you think I'm so very clever you can't believe it? MIL Note: Mary seems to be stable now. They've moved her out of intensive care, and last night, she recognized her daughter, which all sounds wonderful. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement, I so appreciate it. Please continue as you feel able.