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Tea Time

It started to snow yesterday, and I was so pleased to see it. We were told to expect 1-3cm, which would be lovely, just enough to cover all the grey and brown out there, and make it seem a bit more Christmassey. There is now at least 10cm out there, and it's still coming down. Talk about a winter wonderland! I'm using this snowy time to stay home, and knit whenever I have the chance. I finished the first of Brian's teacher's fingerless mitts, and am almost halfway through the second. I meet my group of knitting ladies tonight, and plan to take the kerchief with the too tight bind off along with, so I can re-do that. Progress, progress! I was over visiting Cornflower this morning, and she had a lovely photo of all her tea. I am following her along, taking this opportunity for a few good things: a nice cup of tea in my nice china mug, a clean tea cupboard, and a picture to share with you.

On an average day, I drink two kinds of tea. I start the day with Tetley Chai tea, which is caffeinated, at least one cup. On the days that I have to work late, I usually have a second cup in the early afternoon, just to keep me going. The rest of the time I drink boring old Tetley Decaf. When we're out and about, doing errands and such, we'll often stop for a cup of coffee for Stuart. I almost never buy anything for myself, since I'd rather just come home and have a nice cup of boring old decaf tea. The rest of the stuff here I save for evenings (the Celestial Seasonings and Decaf Chai teas), or to share with friends (all my favourites, Vanilla Chai, Sour Japanese Cherry, a Decaf House blend from a tea room in Winnipeg).

The cyclamen (if that's what it is – my gardening expertise is far surpassed by my enthusiasm) is in the picture to remind me to share a Cute Brian story. Brian and his dad were doing some grocery shopping the other day, and when Brian saw the flowers on display there he said to his dad, “We should get Mum some flowers. Are those roses? I'm going to call those roses. Let's buy those for Mum.” And so there, on my dining table, are my lovely pink “roses”, from my lovely, thoughtful son.

Now, for you tea drinkers out there, go make yourself a nice cuppa. And if you're not a tea drinker, why not? ~Smile~