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Restless Knitting

I have been extremely remiss in reporting on my mother-in-law, Mary's, condition. This is especially bad, since I've told you all she's in intensive care, and then left you hanging. So sorry! The good news is, Mary made a great turn around this weekend, and has just returned home. Hooray! Thank you again for your prayers and support, they are still so appreciated. During my reads through the blogosphere, I've noticed many others commenting on the restless feeling they have, keeping them from settling into a good project. That restlessness is still here, too, resulting in several Works In Progress. Here is the Hat and Scarf for my step-father. It is all done, all that remains is some weaving in of ends, which I really need to sit down and finish tonight. My goal is to have all the out-of-town packages ready to mail by the end of November, to avoid the rush at the post office, and to bring joy to my family by not making them stand in line for ages.

Next up is a little neck kerchief, pattern from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I knit this up this weekend, when I realized that Brian has two teachers who will also need a token of appreciation. Brian and I dug around together through my pattern books and stash, and he chose this for one of his teachers, knit from Elann Alpaca in a heathered red. It's finished, but I'm not happy with the bind off row. It's much less stretchy and soft than the rest of the scarf, so I want to rip it back, and try the EZ sewn cast off, which I've heard is very elastic.

Brian decided his other teacher would love some fingerless mitts, pattern from Weekend Knitting. He chose some dark blue yarn, also from Elann. It's the wool/alpaca blend they have, and I just started them last night while watching TV.

The Socks of Doom have been temporarily abandoned – I'm still loving them, but have been hard pressed to sit down and finish them. I'm on sock #2, and have turned the heel and finished the gusset, so all I need to do is the foot. (Blogger is completely exhausted by these photos, so you'll just have to imagine the socks in progress.)

I have abandoned Katie's hat completely, so no picture for you today. The one I was working on will be entirely too small, and needs to be frogged and re-knit. I've put it aside until all these other little things have been finished up. Just think of the wonderful Finished Objects I'll have to show off soon!