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Winter Rainbows and Other Miraculous Events

I was driving home after dropping off the kids at school this morning, feeling miserable because it is -32 degrees C outside (that's -25 degrees F) and wishing I didn't have to leave the house. I looked up, and saw a rainbow in the sky! Rainbows have always been very significant and special to me, and I was pleased and touched to see this one. I have never seen a rainbow in the winter before, and while there is probably some scientific explanation for what I saw, I am choosing to enjoy the miraculous moment in my day. It brought to mind a song we used to sing when I was a child; it went, “When I see a rainbow, I know that God is Love”, and was set to the music from the Friendly Giant. (Does anyone out there remember that show?) Definitely a reminder I needed to focus my attention on today. Another miraculous event occurred in my home this weekend. I started The Skull on The Pirate Sweater! I was basically shamed into it by all the wonderful work fellow knitters have been doing. If you can manage this beautiful stuff, I'm sure I can knit a darned skull, right? If you look closely, you will see the bottom cross bones on either side, with the chin and the very start of the smile in the middle. It is very fiddly and slow going, though I think it will be worth it once it's all done. And since Brian seems to be the most appreciative member of my family when it comes to my knitting, I feel good about knitting him something that will make him so happy.