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The Sweater, It Is Finished

But are the ends woven in yet? No. The ends, oh the ends. Groan. We're doing good, though, the seaming is finished, it's only Wednesday, and it's my last knitting group night before the holidays, so I will have 2 uninterrupted, Brian free hours to work on them. So it's okay. My Knitpicks order, with the extra yarn for Stuart's sweater, arrived today, which is very nice timing. I'm getting antsy to get started on it, and now I can! In the meantime, I've begun one of Ruth's string bags, which is knitting up nicely. (And the pattern is great, Ruth, very easy to understand.) I also have the yarn and pattern for my Sockret Pal socks, and those are the next socks to go on the needles. A new year to come, new projects galore! How thrilling.