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With all the craziness going on here the last few weeks, my 100th blog post came and went without being marked. This, then, is my own celebration – 111 posts today! And even more fitting, it is December 1st, how nice is that. In honour of my Eleventyfirst, I am having a contest. The prize will be some yarny goodness from my stash, selected for the lucky winner, once I know who the lucky winner is. I've spent the last few days thinking about what kind of contest I could have; I tend to be a slavish pattern follower, and not so full of the exciting ideas myself. This morning, though, the lightbulb flashed on. My name is Charity. My parents had very meaningful reasons for calling me this (I'll save the story for another time), but the fact is that going through life with a name like Charity inevitably opens you up to a certain... reaction to my name. Working with the public, very seldom do I have a day when I don't hear at least one bad joke about my name, and on days when I'm feeling particularly punchy, I've been know to pull out a few myself. You know, “Oh, how funny, I'm giving my money to Charity!”. “Ha, ha,” I reply, “I've never heard that before!” So this is my contest. Leave me a comment on this post, with your best My Name is Charity Joke. The contest will be open until Monday, December 5th, 6:00pm MST, and the winner will be chosen at random. Come on, guys, do your worst! We have an awful lot of clever, fascinating bloggers out there - I dare you to come up with something original! While you have your thinking cap on, think of me with warm thoughts. I have a houseful of sick babies, and it is so hard to do anything when a little one is following you around saying, “Up, please!”.