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The Eyes Have It

Just so you know that I'm not all talk and no action (just some talk and a bit of action), here is a progress shot of The Pirate Sweater. It's been so tricky getting time to sit down and work on it when Brian's not around, especially since I've been working a lot, and am gone most evenings. Last night, though, I had a night off, and sat for an hour or two, determined to get past the eyes. I'm sure I would have made even more progress if I hadn't felt the need to stop every row or two, to show Stuart (who was infuriatingly polite about it, but not nearly enthusiastic enough), and feel clever. I definitely don't think intarsia is for me. I love the finished look, but the fiddly-ness of the whole thing drives me bananas! As much as I know Brian will love this, I'll be glad to see the back of it. But, I'm almost there! I've also been knitting up a pair of Fetching, for when I have a chance to knit, but Brian's around to see. They're a final Christmas gift, and I'm almost to the thumb on the second one. My mind and heart have started to turn to what's next on my list, a ruddy giant Heirloom Aran Pullover, for my wonderful Stuart. He's always longed for one, and since his mum knits, he once asked her for one. She bought him one instead, and he was so disappointed. How I wish his heart's desire was a nice pair of socks, or a beautiful scarf! But no, a giant aran sweater it is, and he's picked out the pattern and the yarn. I sit here with 19 balls of natural coloured wool in front of me, and I'm excited to get started. You know how swiftly this excitement will wane, so I'm enjoying it while it lasts. And he really does deserve it!