Knitting in the North

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The Hazards of Living "Up North"

Monthly truck payment: Too much to think about right now. Fuel: An obscene amount. Winter tires: Groan. Not getting stuck fast like the 6 cars with all-season tires that I saw at the kids' school: Priceless. Hear me now – I will never (well, I'll try really hard not to) complain about the crazy costs of owning and operating our 4-wheel-drive vehicle again! Today, it was all worthwhile. See, look for yourself: It's even worse than this, actually. I took this photo the other day, before the 17cm of snow we've had since yesterday. To make matters worse, it's now +3 C, and raining. Yikes. I think I'm going to stay home and knit. Another pair of socks, perhaps? By the way, thanks to all who asked about the kiddies' health – they're all back to normal, and dying to get out into this wet snow to build snow men, snow forts, and I'm pretty sure I heard a snow throne mentioned, too. Stuart has been felled with the nasty bug, now, but seems to be coping much better than the little ones did. Let's hope I manage to avoid the whole thing!