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Here I Am!

I haven't dropped off the face of the earth! I've been felled by a nasty stomach flu, and have spent the past week hobbling around, trying to keep food down and not pass out. I seem to be on the mend, though, and actually ate dinner last night. I don't recommend the illness, but it is a great just-before-Christmas diet plan. All through the knitting community I've been seeing different fingerless gloves, and they seem to have become really popular. I've jumped on the bandwagon, too, for the sheer practicality of them. They're great – my fingers are free to buckle carseats, find change, fiddle with keys, but my palms are warm, even when holding a cold steering wheel, or an icy shifter. Since I enjoy them so much, naturally I must make them for others! Here is my work so far: Fingerless Mitts, from Weekend Knitting. I used Elann's Alpaca/Wool aran weight, in a heathered dark blue. As I mentioned before, these are intended for one of Brian's teachers. These are modeled by Katie, and just look what she's holding! This was a gift from the very first swap I was a part of, a stitch marker exchange. I think he's soooo cute.

The Famous Fetching, in Elann's Peruvian Highland Wool, light blue. I went down to a 3.5mm needle for these, and used the modifications found here. I've cast on for this same pattern again, for Katie, using the DK superwash she picked out. I'm hoping the change in weight will make them just the right size for her. Have no fear, though, The Pirate Sweater has not been abandoned! I've finished, finished, finished the intarsia, and the whole front, too. Now I just have to knit the neckband, and weave in all the ends. Just, I say. Ha, ha, ha. You know how many ends there are, right? I'd better get busy – we've only got 9 days left! (You can throw something at me if you like, but I'm too far away to hit!)