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I'm halfway there on the Sockret Pal socks – one down, and one to go! Even though this colourway is not my favourite, the patterning and colour changes are certainly entertaining! I often find myself saying, “Just one more stripe,” or “When I get to the next red, then I'll stop.” For those of you who asked, this sock yarn is On Line, but I'm not sure of the exact number, as I've misplaced the ball band. Hopefully it will turn up before I mail these, so I can tell my pal what it is she's getting! I had a peek on the net, and didn't see this particular colourway, but there are many, many out there with similar striping/patterning. This whole process has got me wanting to cast on a pair for myself! This is not to be, as Brian has claimed the right to the next pair! He's trying to decide between the brown/black stuff Jo sent, and some blue/green stripey stuff in the stash. As well as working on my Clapotis (nothing new to show you, just lots more of the same to come), I decided to knit myself up a Calorimetry to keep warm the next time the temperatures take a dive. As much as I believe in the magical warmth of a woolen hat, my hair does not agree, and it is not a pretty picture by days end. I'm hoping this headband-ish accessory will be the answer. I have been reading what others think of the pattern, and since most people have mentioned how large it came out, I planned ahead. I bought yarn just a tad lighter than called for, and went down a needle size as well. Even these measures, unfortunately, were not enough. My Calorimetry is still large, and is in the washer right now, hopefully felting just a bit. Just a bit, mind you. (If it shrinks far too much, I suppose I can always give it to Katie!) I've been holding off posting so that I could show you, but look for it tomorrow. Whenever I start the phrase, “Look for it by...” I feel compelled to finish it with “moonlight”. Anyone else? Yikes, we could have a 100 weird things meme going around, if I'm not careful. Final note: So here's the deal - like many of you, Blogger has been driving me crazy. I decided to give Typepad a try, and so am doing a 30 day free trial. So far, it has pros and cons, and I am undecided. I had originally planned to ask nicely if any of you would like to check it out, give me some feedback, and let me try out the comments feature. Blogger is being ugly again, though, and not letting me post pictures. So, if you want to see the sock, just click here.