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Off to a Good Start

Less than a week into the new year, and a Finished Object already! Let's hope it's a trend! This is the String Bag #3 from Ruth's blog (look on the sidebar). I chose this one because she said it was streamlined and fast, and she was right! The pattern is well written, and this bag is a fast, simple knit – but still very functional. I made this one about 20 repeats long, and it's just the right size for a couple of skeins of yarn and a pattern. Since this bag is for my Knit Mitt Kit Swap partner, it's perfect. Unfortunately, I'm still waiting for the yarn I ordered for her to arrive, and I'm starting to get worried. These swap packages are all supposed to be mailed on January 16th, so I may have to make an emergency run to my LYS. I used the EcoFil yarn I bought at Wal-Mart for this, and it's perfect! This yarn is very inexpensive, and a cotton/acrylic blend. In further Very Responsible Knitting, I cast on for my Sockret Pal socks. She said she loves jewel tones, and I'm hoping she will enjoy these. I haven't had a lot of sit down and knit time lately, but I did get to curl up last night with the sock and an episode from Season 2 of The Pretender. I did a bit more spinning today, and am even more happy with the result than I was yesterday. My plan is to spin up all the easy-to-spin fibre my teacher gave me, and then, when I'm feeling totally full of myself, move on to the pretty stuff. Hopefully by then, I won't make a mess of it and knock myself down a few notches!