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A Little Bit of Lace

I've promised pictures of some of the treasures that have come my way of late. Here, then, is installment #1. Several of you know the wonderful Jo, of Celtic Memory Yarns. Just before Christmas, a wonderful parcel arrived in the mail all the way from West Cork! I was holding off posting, since Jo was away for some fun in the sun, but if she's not back yet, she will be soon, I hope (I'm very much missing her posts).

This lovely laceweight wool is, I think, destined to become a wimple, perfect for warming my neck, and pulling up to cover my ears and head if the chills come suddenly. I've been taken with this pattern for a while now, and am looking forward to trying it out. And the colours! Thank you, Jo, for some of my favourites.

Just look at this! 600M of laceweight wonder, which I believe wants to be made into a shawl. A soft, light shawl. This will have to marinate in my stash for a while, as I don't know if I'm up to a shawl pattern yet of the ilk that this yarn is calling for. But one day, we will be ready together!

50g of sock weight cotton and wool, in nice “boyish” colours, immediately was claimed by Mr. Brian. He's becoming a handmade sock lover, and thinks this would be perfect for him. As you know, he's the most appreciative little person, so how can I refuse? Finally, my most favourite part of the whole thing! Readers of Jo's blog may recognize this – a special gift from Muffy, just for me. I tell you, what a thoughtful little dog! I feel so special when I realize that she was “helping” get things ready for me (and a thorough little thing she is, too!). One day, when I feel the need for some therapeutic untangling, I feel this very much wants to be a wispy lace scarf. One day.