Knitting in the North

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On Deck

Because I am attempting to knit from my stash, it is only normal and natural that my next project (Stuart’s big giant neverending Aran sweater has been bumped) required the purchase, not only of yarn, but of a pattern as well. Since it was me doing the purchasing, you will please note that it was all on sale, because that makes me feel better about the whole thing. My mum’s birthday is in April, and she loves tank tops, and at least claims to love my knitting. Last year, I made her a lambswool knitted shell in a royal purple, a colour I always associate with my mother, even though I don’t think she wears it often. This time, the shell is silk, and a soft leafy green. There are cables running up the front, and it has a high, round neckline, which would drive me crazy, but she seems to really like. I purchased 9 balls of Estelle Silk yarn, and it’s tucked away waiting for me to finish my Sockret pal socks. (I’m hoping to have the heel finished tonight on sock #2). Do you ever watch yourself knitting? I was sitting on the couch in the sunshine this afternoon, watching my fingers as I knit around and around. I’m truly impressed with myself. I go on and on to people who ask me to explain knitting about how easy it is, how they could learn in no time, how simple of a process it really is. The fact of the matter is, as I sat and watched what I was doing, I felt pretty darn bright. Look how quickly my fingers move, what beautiful motions my hands go through, what my movements produce! Clever girl.